The Best Possible Death (Fall 2019)

Conversations for You and Your Family

Our natural reluctance to talk about the impending death of a loved one is understandable. We fear that by doing so we will somehow make it real, or cause distress to others. Yet numerous studies have shown that bringing families and loved ones into active conversations and planning for death can deliver unexpected benefits for all involved. Our series of events for this fall aims to provide inspiration for how you might best to do this with your family.

  • Nuts & Bolts: Planning Well for End of Life
    Monday, October 28th at 7:00
    At this event Kimberly will provide a hands-on workshop to help attendees focus and plan for themselves or a loved one. Topics will include how to hold conversations with loved ones, advice on tackling paperwork, ideas for pre-planning tasks, and guidance on tackling the healthcare system when faced with a serious illness.
  • The Impact on Family When a Loved One Declines
    Sunday, November 3rd at 4:00
    Mary Crowe from Care Dimensions talk will address the challenges as well as the gifts that open communication provides to families, friends and medical personnel. She will share her years of experience helping family members discuss the often challenging and painful topics that relate to end-of-life care and help to make it “The Best Possible Death.”
  • The Conversation Project Workshop
    Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00
  • Compassion and Choices: Medical Aid in Dying
    Sunday, November 17th at 2:00
    Brian Monteiro, Compassion and Choices Campaign Manager (Massachusetts & NE States) will discuss how medical aid in dying is a medical practice that allows terminally ill, mentally capable adults to request and receive a prescription for medication that they may choose to self-ingest to bring about a peaceful death if their suffering becomes unbearable. 
  • Life Story Listening Sessions
    Ongoing throughout November, Scheduled
    Sign up for one or more 30-minute recorded interview sessions, where you and a family member will be supported through remembrances of an elder’s rich history. Recordings will be transcribed and sent to you for posterity.