Spring 2020 Virtual Lyceum Tuesday Night Series

The Lane Lyceum team is putting together a series of Tuesday evening events – delivered via the ubiquitous Zoom – to help us all stay connected and engaged over the coming weeks.

April 14: The “Famous” Four Color Problem: How Many Colors Do You Need to Color a Map? David Berman will host a session on one of his areas of research and expertise, the Four-Color Map Theorem. This will be a fun session for everyone, regardless of their expertise and interest in math. It will be especially interesting for puzzle lovers. More at this blog post.

April 21: A Discussion with Microbiologist Joan Mecsas about Covid-19. Note that the focus of this discussion will be about biology not healthcare, per se.

April 28: Leadership in a Time of a Pandemic, a discussion with Marty Linsky, of the Kennedy School of Government where he lectures on Leadership. This will be the front end of the regular monthly Big Questions Forum, so audience participation in the discussion is encouraged.

May 5: Jan Galkowski will give a talk called “Consider a Flat Pond, understanding the complicated by pretending it is outrageously simple.” Details on the talk at this blog post.

More to come…

All events will be held at 7:30 at this Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/7816400176. The password for all events is 1711. Please provide your name when entering. As a precaution (you may have heard about Zoom-bombing), the link will initially place you in a “waiting room” and you will subsequently be added to the session.

If you have an idea for a Lane Lyceum, please let us know! Also let us know if you have questions, suggestions or feedback… please email ideas@lanelyceum.org.